Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Its All In the Detail

Funnily enough there's an article about blogging on the radio at the moment. It suggests, pardon the language, that "the reason blogs work so well is that 90% of what's posted is shit". I agree in part. Part of the joy of blogging is the unedited nature of the postings. I know very few bloggers who spend hours pouring over their texts before publishing. At the same time, I admit to thinking carefully about what I say hear, believing that words have meaning. Images, too, require thought and consideration.

In this latest stage of the painting its all about the detail. The colours, composition and tones and close to being resolved and I tend to work these things out on the canvas itself as opposed to copying a sketch from photoshop (as many painters do today and often with good results). The working title has become "all the stages (after friedrich)" referencing Friedrich's "The Stages of Life" as well as the geography of the landscape on the Thames bank which looks, to me, like a series of platforms stages. There's also a sense of how long this painting is taking... and all those stages.

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