Friday, 4 December 2009

Down on the South Bank

I found out today my studio is a stones throw away from where Samuel Pepys looked out across the Thames to see the Great Fire of London and made his famous journal entry (the studio itself is above what used to be the old Clink Street prison). This photo is as close to the spot as I can find. Painting has always been a good connection point with history. Events are remembered. Forgotten stories retold. Even the act of painting itself can be a form of archeology as layers of paint are applied and peeled back to reveal hidden layers.

I've been sketching around the spot Pepys made his journal entry. Here rubble and debrie wash up on the south bank. The detritus of the city mixes in with the old foundations and wooden struts that used to support the old buildings along the bank. Very few people very few people venture down here although it's just below the Tate Modern and Globe theatre. A very inspiring place to work.

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