Monday, 10 November 2008

Beyond the Horizon

Hearty thanks to all of you who came down to my exhibition last week in Camberwell. I was very happy with the work and a joy to show with Jonathan and Charles. You should really check out their websites linked to the right.

Quite a few people took an interest in the Japanese paintings. If you didn't make it to the show here's a little background info on these paintings.

"In Denial of Horrific Events" (below - oil on canvas 190x160cm) documents the centrepiece of the theme park, Gulliver’s Kingdom, near the village of Kamikuishiki, which shut down in 2001 when the bank financing it collapsed. The 360,000 sq metre park, based on episodes of Swift’s novel, was built in 1997 as the village sought to shake off its notoriety as the base of Aum Shrinrikyo, the sect which released lethal sarin gas on the Tokyo underground in 1995.

"Shadow Beneath Mount Fuji" (above right - oil on canvas 65x54cm) juxtaposes the outline of Mount Fuji - traditionally used as a symbol for eternity in Japanese art - with the peaks of a temporary hospital cum market set up over the original meeting sight of the Aum Shrinrikyo suicide cult.

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