Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Artist Residency at The Factory, Dundonald Church

I've just started a new job as the artist-in-residence for The Factory which is the main building for Dundonald Church in South London.

In the spirit of artistic endeavour I’ve decided to hijack my own blog for the next couple of weeks. As well as the usual stuff I’ll be using this site as a kind of artists journal, chronicling ideas and images as they emerge from my studio practice at the Factory. If you’re willing, I’d love you to join me in this new adventure. Please do feedback your thoughts on the work over these next two months and any ideas they stimulate.

What’s the job? Essentially, I’ll be making a painting for the main church auditorium that reflects something of the values the church share and want to communicate to visitors. The painting will hang on the large side wall that greets you as you enter the main auditorium (above) and will hang beside a quote from John 3:36.

At this stage I’m obviously very excited about making work for the church but also, if I’m being honest, absolutely terrified having never made work for a church setting or with a religious theme. The challenge is to make art in collaboration with the church whilst retaining artistic credibility. I’ve been given a cracking studio space (below) and there’s no shortage of ideas but time’s going to be a factor. I’d really value your prayers for this project and please do keep tuning in.

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