Friday, 18 February 2011

Ordinary Time

It was a joy to be part of 'Ordinary Time', an installation of thirteen artists work at St Barnabas Church, Dalston. First built in 1890 the church has been left empty for several years and left to the early stages of dereliction before a new congregation was planted into it over a year ago and new life ensued.

As I noted in a previous post it was a positive experience to show with so many film, 3D and performance artists whose concerns for the context of the space helped me sharpen my understanding of my own work when shown in this extraordinary space.

For those interested, here's a few images.

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Josh said...

Ace, thanks for this post. The paintings look like small versions of your Gulliver-themepark series? I like the one mounted on plastic or glass and balanced on a coat rail(?) - quite unexpected looking or just unusual compared to a gallery. I used some similar 'hanging' techniques when I organised a show in a church in 2009 (link below)