Friday, 23 January 2009

OK, so nearly at the end of the residency with just over a week to go and, my goodness, I might just finish on time! Here's the latest from the studio.

The highlight of this week has been chatting more with the various Mums and toddlers groups who are in most days I'm here. There's been good chats about art and faith I guess proving again how art can be such a good catalyst for the gospel.


Huwie said...

This looks brilliant.
Sorry I' new to your blog - am I right in thinking that this is a commission?

Ally Gordon said...

Hi Huwie, thanks for your comment. YEs, this was a comission for teh Dundonald Trust which is a cluster of anglican churches in South London. I'm working for them as artist-in-residence for a few months.

Tim Neale said...

Love your work. Look forward to seeing it up close soon!