Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Mud, Art and Grace at Forum 08

Many centuries ago – no, but really, man made art out of mud; sourcing pigment and colour from the earth itself. Last week at UCCF Forum the mud made art out of man.

As the rain poured down and the floods came up 50 female campers were displaced from their tents turning the art gallery into the largest open plan dormitory this side of Amsterdam. Better still, a great piece of collective performance art.

It’s a shame. Not just for our poor campers but for the art gallery which was the strongest I think we’ve done so far. Best laid plans of mice, men and so on. On the up side, this year’s Forum was by far the best yet on size, teaching and, well, monument. Thanks so much Lois, Lou, Marsha and Steph.

Every year, Forum feels more and more like a festival with more art and music and after hours and, well, fun. Now I seemto be having a few problems with images on my Mac so until I work it out... Dave Bish has a few clips on his blog of Linda’s great wellie performance and Cully and I doing something silly on stage. Follow teh link to the right.

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becci brown said...

Ah well done for remaining postive despite the gallery's demise. And for seeing the art anyway.