Saturday, 31 May 2008

New Blog

It really doesn't take long to start up a new blog but it does take a serious amount of consideration to ask, 'Can I stick with it?" Time will tell, eh? So welcome to my new blog which offers reflections on the creative arts as seen through the lens of the Christian mind . If you're reading this blog, please do drop me a message to let me know.



Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading that Al. It's inspired me to do some writing too! Hope you do keep it going. You've got an audience!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally - well done for starting! And it looks cool! ;-)

Ally Gordon said...

Thanks guys. I wasn't sure if any would be reading... much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hie Ally

Don't know if you remember me -Ashleigh based in carlisle doing art at Uni. So good to see this blog and go through it, i 've just finished my second year and i've been a little discouraged about my work and what it is i'm doing ,and after reading this its a breath of fresh air. Thanx, i hope that this blog does stay up for a long time a lot of people will need it.


adomas said...

I'm reading and enjoying - thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading it.

p.s. we've met a few times, briefly, in Hungary.

Philip Jackson said...

i am reading this blog. love.